StarAcers animation of the BZT!

Here's a couple videos of the 3d model of the BZT. The central building on the StarAcer Academy grounds!

You should know that BZT stands for Brillouin Zone Tower. The  Brillouin Zone is an important idea in solid state physics (which I have no idea about but our super nice and brilliant founder physicist, Geoff Steeves does) but there is this wonderful image that helps me explain why Geoff called it that after I'd designed it. It's really really fun to collaborate with a real, hard core scientist. I  deeply encourage all artists to either seek out a scientist collaborator, or become well and truly versed in science.

You should also know that the recent Sheradon graduate  Jeremy Mah is working hard to make the BZT come to life!



Yes the BZT is covered in high yield solar panels...

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