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StarAcer Academy is proud to announce our exciting new interactive comic.  Check out the adventures of Henry and Emily, awesome kids traveling to StarAcer Academy where they'll train to become astronauts.  See if you can spy some super secret StarAcer stars.  Each star will teach you something about space and science, stuff every astronaut should know!

On the go? You can follow the story on just about any smart phone or tablet. Come join the StarAcer adventure!


Curiosity Comic!

Congratulations NASA and JPL!!!!!!

We drew this Curiosity Comic in anticipation of a successful landing.  We're very, very excited!!!


StarAcer Concept Art 005

I love sharing the concept development of the work that we're doing here at StarAcer Academy.

Here's a comic page sort of half rendered of the BZT. It's the first time we really get to see the BZT in the comic. This is page 12 of our 25 page comic book that we're creating right now.

I used the 3d model of the bzt that jeremy mah created. cool!

The missions are nearly complete and I look forward to sharing that as well!

StarAcers Concept Art 0004

So we're working on a 25-30 page comic to be released for the new school year.
This will be a boiled down version of a novella that Geoff has written. Kids will have two options for reading the StarAcer story. In comic form and in novella form. At least that's the plan.

It's taken me a fair bit of effort to boil down the novella into a 25-30 page comic but it's been an incredible learning experience and I feel a stronger grasp on understanding story, presenting the important bits of a story, and the absolute benefit of drawing faster and smaller and smaller still.

Below you see some panels from the comic (currently page 18) that is no bigger than a bank card. I'm pretty happy with the story Geoff has crafted. Not only is Geoff a physics professor, a pilot, a scuba diver, a chair at the international space university, a great guy, but also a solid writer of childrens novella's!


StarAcers Concept Art 0003

I'm sketching out the remaining pages for the new StarAcers online comic book, to be released September 2012. Here's a concept of the interior of the BZT and the base of the 'excelevator'. Yea, it goes fast...

Rough concept of interior of BZT

closer on the excelevator

StarAcers animation of the BZT!

Here's a couple videos of the 3d model of the BZT. The central building on the StarAcer Academy grounds!

You should know that BZT stands for Brillouin Zone Tower. The  Brillouin Zone is an important idea in solid state physics (which I have no idea about but our super nice and brilliant founder physicist, Geoff Steeves does) but there is this wonderful image that helps me explain why Geoff called it that after I'd designed it. It's really really fun to collaborate with a real, hard core scientist. I  deeply encourage all artists to either seek out a scientist collaborator, or become well and truly versed in science.

You should also know that the recent Sheradon graduate  Jeremy Mah is working hard to make the BZT come to life!



Yes the BZT is covered in high yield solar panels...

StarAcers - New Comic, new Vision!

This coming September, StarAcer Academy has an awesome new comic to share with kid's and grownup's alike.  We've also got a new website and 10 brand new missions that cover the entire Canadian science curriculum from grades 4 to 6.

We're also meeting with large education and publishing organizations to find the best relationship in order to help share our vision of radical science learning using the mystery adventures of StarAcer Academy!


StarAcer Academy in google sketchup

BZT get's revised a bit

That's correct. We are modeling the main Building of StarAcer Academy, the BZT, in Maya and then posting it on google sketchup.

I'll be using the BZT model and other models of the StarAcer universe, to inform the comic book, game and animated series. Yes we are making an entire world of science and space awesomeness.

We're making space rocket history -
It would be amazing if a few interested people sculpted the history of space rockets around the BZT. as if the rockets were a sculpture garden and a constant reminder of the aspirations of StarAcer Academy  - V2, Saturn 5, the Shuttle, the Russian Soyuz, the Chinese Shenzhou-9, the US Falcon 9 and the Dragon capsule. Heck build sky lab while yer at it and the ISS! The lunar Lander, the Eagle, Gemini, Friendship 7, Sputnik, Sputnik2, Canada's first satellite the Allouette!

SpaceX Dragon capsule buzzed the space station!

SpaceX Dragon capsule buzzed the space station | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine

Confirmed: SpaceX Dragon Ferried 'Scotty's' Remains Into Space

Confirmed: SpaceX Dragon Ferried 'Scotty's' Remains Into Space