StarAcers Concept Art 0004

So we're working on a 25-30 page comic to be released for the new school year.
This will be a boiled down version of a novella that Geoff has written. Kids will have two options for reading the StarAcer story. In comic form and in novella form. At least that's the plan.

It's taken me a fair bit of effort to boil down the novella into a 25-30 page comic but it's been an incredible learning experience and I feel a stronger grasp on understanding story, presenting the important bits of a story, and the absolute benefit of drawing faster and smaller and smaller still.

Below you see some panels from the comic (currently page 18) that is no bigger than a bank card. I'm pretty happy with the story Geoff has crafted. Not only is Geoff a physics professor, a pilot, a scuba diver, a chair at the international space university, a great guy, but also a solid writer of childrens novella's!


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