StarAcer Academy in google sketchup

BZT get's revised a bit

That's correct. We are modeling the main Building of StarAcer Academy, the BZT, in Maya and then posting it on google sketchup.

I'll be using the BZT model and other models of the StarAcer universe, to inform the comic book, game and animated series. Yes we are making an entire world of science and space awesomeness.

We're making space rocket history -
It would be amazing if a few interested people sculpted the history of space rockets around the BZT. as if the rockets were a sculpture garden and a constant reminder of the aspirations of StarAcer Academy  - V2, Saturn 5, the Shuttle, the Russian Soyuz, the Chinese Shenzhou-9, the US Falcon 9 and the Dragon capsule. Heck build sky lab while yer at it and the ISS! The lunar Lander, the Eagle, Gemini, Friendship 7, Sputnik, Sputnik2, Canada's first satellite the Allouette!

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